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Wadis & desert

2 days

The Wadis of Oman are among the most beautiful natural treasures of the Sultanate. Magnificent oases, nestled in deep canyons and decorated with green palm groves as well as natural turquoise pools, offer you very beautiful landscapes. The Wahiba Sands, is one of those deserts which is also the legend of Arabia.

  • Environnement:

    Wadi, desert

  • Activités:

    Aquatic hike, swimming

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  • Difficulté:

    Niveau d'endurance

Day 1

Muscat - SinkHole : Huge natural cavity filled with pure crystal clear green and blue water and surrounded by rock formations and green palm trees.
Water walk and unforgettable swimming in Wadi Shab. It is one of the most popular canyons in the Sultanate. This site is a little paradise. access is limited by the river and to reach the bottom you must not only walk but also swim.

Sur : It is an important town but it lives at a leisurely pace. Historically famous for the manufacture of Arab dhows, the city retains a shipyard that we visit.

Bidiyah - Desert of the whahiba sands : Walk at the very end of the afternoon, when the light is most pleasant. During this hike we will witness the setting sun constantly changing the color of the sand and the shadows.

- Niveau 1

Safari camp.

Day 2

Bidiyah - Wadi Bani Khalid : Hiking and swimming in the lower part of Wadi Bani Khalid. The lower part of this valley forms a narrow and wild canyon. We start from the lovely village of Bidah and cross its palm garden to access the entrance of the canyon. We hike in the canyon between big boulders (the way is not very easy but doesn't last long) until we arrive at a splendid pool with waterfall. We take a rest here and enjoy swimming in this secluded place. For those who like jumping, a very nice 10 meters jump is possible there.

- Niveau 1

Visit of the perfume factory, the best perfume in the world (Amouage). The prestigious brand opens its premises to the curious for an olfactory visit not to be missed. Amouage holds an important place in luxury perfumery. A particularly neat showroom.