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Crossing the Eastern Hajar

4 Days

From the sea to the desert, two days hiking and two days canyoning to cross this great mountain range. Discover three very different wadis, which pools and gardens contrast sharply with the rocky Selmah Plateau.

  • Landscape:

    Mountain, wadi

  • Activities:

    hiking, canyoning

  • Overstay:


  • Hiking:

    Info level

Day 1

- Transfer Muttrah - Dibab (1 h 30 - 120 Km)
- Transfer Dibab - As Suwaih (Wadi Al Arbeyeen) (45 min - 30 Km)

Aquatic hiking in Wadi A Hail (7 h. We start in the village of Al Suwaih. Aready at the end of the track is a wonderful pool and a small waterfall. A 5-meter jump is possible from the cliff. We then start the walk. Quickly we find flowing water and walk across large boulders. The canyon then narrows and we have to swim across several pools (it is possible to jump there also). The valley widens a little and narrows again. We swim again and arrive at the end of the canyon : a high waterfall, large pool, and huge boulders…We come back the same way.

- Level 1
- Walking time : 4 to 6 h
- Height difference : +300m/-300m

- Transfer As Suwaih (Wadi Al Arbeyeen) - Dibab (45 min - 30 Km)
- Transfer Dibab - Fins (20 min - 50 Km)

Bivouac on the beach. We set up our camp on one of the numerous beaches around Fins and Tiwi. We sleep hearing the sound of the waves. Individual camping tent.


JDay 2

- Transfer Fins - Tiwi (12 min - 25 Km)
- Transfer Tiwi - Saymah (Wadi Tiwi) (45 min - 25 Km)

Hike from Wadi Tiwi to the plateau (7 h). This hike starts in the beatiful Wadi Tiwi. We first cross villages and palm gardens and we can also stop for a short swim in one of the numerous water pools. We then start climb on the other side of the valley ; we leave the green valley and enter a mineral environment.. the ascent is steep and the path very rocky. We finally reach the plateau... if we turn over we can see the sea!

- Level 5
- Walking time : 5 to 6 h
- Height difference : +1500m/-100m

Camping on the Plateau. We set up our camp on the plateau and spend a fresh night under the stars... Individual camping tent.


Day 3

- Transfer Halut - End of the hike on the plateau (30 min - 15 Km)

Hike from the plateau to Wadi Bani Khalid (9 h).We hike from the dry plateau and start going down to Wadi Bani khalid. Views are ammazong but the descent is long. The arrival is bith beautiful and surprising : after the dry rocky mountains, we discover a green valley! Before we head to the car we enjoy a swim in the pools of cristal clear water.

- Level 5
- Walking time : 6 to 8 h
- Height differrence : +1700m/-300m

- Transfer Muqal (Wadi Bani Khalid) - Our camp between rocky hills and sand dunes (30 mm - 30 Km)

Camp in the sand at the foot of the hills. Individual camping tent.


Day 4

- Transfer Our camp between rocky hills and sand dunes - Bidah (30 min - 30 Km)

Aquatic hiking in Wadi Bani Khalid (5 h). An easy aquatic hike in one of the most beautiful wadis of Oman. We start from the village of Bidah. We walk across its luxuriant palm garden to reach the entrance of the garden. We then walk between large boulders to arrive at 2 wonderful pools with waterfalls. In one of these we can jump from 10 meters. We keep on walking in the water and the swim through several (long) pools (length of up to 300 meters). The valley then widens and we discover Seeq's garden which we cross to arrive in the village.

- Level 1
- Walking time : 3 to 5 h

- Transfer Seeq (Wadi Bani Khalid) - Muttrah (3 h - 280 Km)