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Culture and mountains

7 Days

A complete discovery of the highlights of Northern Oman : Wadi Bani Awf, Jebel Shams, Nizwa, Wahiba Sands, Sur, the Turtle Reserve at Ras Al Had, the Wadis, and the Sea Of Oman.

  • Landscape:

    Mountain, wadi, sea, desert

  • Activities:

    Easy walking, swimming, hiking, culture

  • Overstay:


  • Hiking:

    Info level

Day 1

We visit several attractions in the city of Muscat :
Sultan Qaboos Mosque. Gift of the Sultan to the Nation, Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque in Muscat Oman is an imposing construction of Islamic architecture. moreover, the outlines of the main prayer room are breathtaking.
National Museum. Housed in an imposing new building in the heart of Old Muscat, the National Museum makes a fitting consort for the Sultan's Palace opposite.
Sultan Qaboos Palace.
Muttrah souk. Muttrah Souk is one of the oldest markets in Oman, dating back about two hundred years. Its antiquity has perhaps increased the extent of its beauty, magic and allure.


Day 2

- Transfer Muscat - Nakhl

Walk in Balad Sit .

- Level 1
- Walking time : 2 h

We visit the beautiful of Nakhl fort. We continue to Al Awabi, Wadi Beni Awf (Snake Canyon), Balad Seed *and Misfat Al Abreeyain. Here we visit the beautiful village with its terraces and watersystems called "falaj".

Hotel The View.

Day 3

Al Hamra to Nizwa . We start our tour with a visit of the old town of Al Hamra and its museum of Omani tradition and culture.
We go on to *Jebel Shams *and *Wadi Ghul. From here our journey takes us to 2 very ancient and breathtaking forts: Bahla and Jeebreen.
After an eventful day we arrive in*Nizwa, *the ancient capital of Oman*.*

Hotel Falaj Daris.

Day 4

Around Nizwa . We visit *Nizwa´s historic town with its souq and its impressive fort.
Afterwards we continue to Birkat Al Mauz, one of the most famous villages in ruins in the Sultanate. With the 2 sets of ruins, a large banana plantation and the scenic surroundings, the site is also home to the old Falaj irrigation system listed as Unesco World Heritage.
Our discovery tour takes us then to Jebel Akhdar with its stunning rose villages.
Wadi Beni Habib is our last stop before returning to Nizwa. Hotel Falaj Daris

Nizwa : Hotel Falaj Daris.

Day 5

- Transfer Nizwa - Wadi Beni Khaled

Wadi Beni Khaled. here you have the occasion to swim in the canyon´s crystal clear fresh water pools.
Our next destination is Bidiyah-Wahiba Sands (desert).

Safari Camp.

Day 6

- Transfer Bidiyah - Sur

Here we visit the old town of Sour and its dhow production site which is definitely worth seeing.
Wadi Tiwi. Another spectacularly deep and narrow gorge carved out of the mountains, running between towering cliffs right down to the sea.

Wadi Shab Resort.

Day 7

- Transfer Wadi Shab - Muscat

Surroundings of Muscat. We visit the production site of the world-famous *Amouage* perfume.

Muttrah. In the evening you can enjoy the colours and wonderful odours of Muttrah souq.

Muttrah hotel.