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Discover Oman

8 Days

A complete discovery of the highlights of Northern Oman : Wadi Bani Awf, Jebel Shams, Nizwa, Wahiba Sands, Sur, the Turtle Reserve at Ras Al Had, the Wadis, and the Sea Of Oman.

  • Landscape:

    Mountain, wadi, sea, desert

  • Activities:

    Swimming, hiking, culture

  • Overstay:

    Hotel, mountain hut

  • Hiking:

    Info level
bani kharus

Day 1

Muscat :. Muttrah Fish and Vegetable Market.

Boat trip : to see dolphins.

Visit to the Bait Zubair Museum dedicated to the culture and history of Oman. Bait Muzna Gallery: former princely home where we will see a collection of contemporary art. Stop in front of the Sultan's Palace. .

Visit of the Muttrah Souk . Located in the heart of the traditional district of Muscat and close to the Corniche, the Muttrah Souq is the oldest and most famous of the souks in the Sultanate of Oman.

Ryiam Hôtel : Located just at the entrance to the town of Muttrah, It offers a sophisticated blend of contemporary Arabian style, contemporary comfort and services.

balad sit

JDay 2

Sultan Qaboos Mosque.. Gift of the Sultan to the Nation, Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque in Muscat Oman is an imposing construction of Islamic architecture. moreover, the outlines of the main prayer room are breathtaking..

Nakhal Fort and its hot water.

Al Awabi.

Wadi Beni Awf : In the heart of the Western Hajar, Wadi Bani Awf is crossed by one of the most beautiful roads on the planet. It offers spectacular landscapes. Impassable in rainy weather. An adventure film set and we cross ravines and other sublime precipices.

Mountain hut Bimah : A very nice and pleasant place to stay, located in the heart of Wadi Bani Awf, only a few steps from Snake Canyon and a 5-minute drive from Balad Sit. It's a rustic but beautiful place with 4 dormitories (4 to 10 persons on bunkbeds), 2 private rooms, and 3 bathrooms with hot shower. Located in a natural and peacful environment. In the garden you find many places to relax.

jebel shams

JDay 3

Walk in Balad Sit : We start from the main valley and head to a narrow gorge. This part of the walk is just wonderfull! At the end of the gorge, we discover the village of Balad Sit ('the hidden village'). Built in a small hill and surrounded by cliffs, this village is one of the most beautiful of Oman. We walk through the village and the gardens and creturn through an other branch of the small gorge.

Sharaf Al Alamain : This drive off-road let us climb some 1000 meters within less than 10 km. It provides us with stunning views over Wadi Bani Awf.

Short walk along the gardens of Misfat Al Abreyeen: It is one of the most beautiful mountain villages of Oman. It is located on the southern side of the mountain, on the slope of a canyon. The gardens were build all around the old village terraces. Located at an altitude of 800 meters, we find a wide variety of tropical fruits : papayas, oranges, limes, dates, pomogranates...

Al Hamra Guest House


Day 4

Jebel Shams - Balvony walk : Hike on top of Arabia's Grand Canyon to Sab Bani Khamis. We start the walk at Al Khitaym. The path is very easy and offers all Grand Canyon. On the way we can see the highest point of the country built in the cliff : Sab Bani Khamis. The village was abandonned. Some 5 to 10 families were living there, taking care of their garde goats. We come back the same way. It is a very easy wonderful walk!!

Visit of Bait As Safah : It is a traditional omani house located in the old city of Al Hamra. The women of the vllage welcome us in this house and show us how they make omani bread, Omani coffee, carpets, and different creams and lotions gained from mountain plants.

Jabreen castle : It was built in the 17th century, 150 km from Muscat, and renovated in the 1980s. Its interior stands out, a true masterpiece of Omani architecture, surrounded by date palms.

Nizwa : Heritage Inn


Day 5

Visit of the fort of Nizwa : The fort of Nizwa was renoved recently. It has a defensive part (the so called citadelle) and a housing part (which was designed by the Imam and scholars). From the top of the citadelle we have stunning views over Nizwa and its palm-lined, the largest of the country. The under-floor of the fort was occupied by prison cells. These have been done up as a museum about local culture. The museum is small but very well done. It is worth a visit!

Souk of Nizwa : Nizwa is a major city of Oman located at the foot of the mountains in the interior of the country. In the past it was the capital of Oman and it remains the cultural center for mountain people. The souk was renovated some 15 years ago. Friday is the market day, called 'Souk Al Jumaa', and brings visitors from the nearby mountains as well as Beduins from the desert side. The livestock souq is particularly worth a visit.

Birkat Al Mauz : Very old traditional fortified village built in stairs on the hillside in a huge palm grove.

Bidiyah - Desert of the whahiba sands : Sunset in the dunes. We start a walk across the dunes later in the afternoon. The heat isn't too strong anymore and the sunlight is the most beautiful. The setting sun turns the sand into different colours ans shades. This a great unforgettable time.


Day 6

Wadi Bani Khalid : Hiking and swimming in the lower part of Wadi Bani Khalid. The lower part of this valley forms a narrow and wild canyon. We start from the lovely village of Bidah and cross its palm garden to access the entrance of the canyon. We hike in the canyon between big boulders (the way is not very easy but doesn't last long) until we arrive at a splendid pool with waterfall. We take a rest here and enjoy swimming in this secluded place. For those who like jumping, a very nice 10 meters jump is possible there.

TURTLE OPTION : Nighttime turtle watching (2 h). The coast here is declared Natural Reserve to protect the numerous green turtles which lay eggs there. The visits are well organized and gathered on only 2 beaches ; the other ones are forbidden in order not to disturb too much the turtles. The high season for turtles is in summer : in that time we can find up to 50 turtles laying eggs at the same time on the same beach. But they come all year long and you are almost sure that you will see some. You'll see turtles digging holes, laying eggs, covering eggs, and going back to the sea. You'll also see baby turtles getting out of the sand and heading to the sea.

Sur : Grand Sur Hotel.

wadi tiwi

Day 7

Wadi Shab : Walk and unforgettable swim in Wadi Shab (3 h). We start from the sea and start hiking into the wadi. After 45 minutes to 1 hour walk in this beautiful wadi we'll go into the water : we swim from pool to pool to discover this incredible place. But we don't tell you more about this since it has to be a surprise!

Wadi Tiwi : It is a steep road that climbs following the wadi for several kilometers. We cross no less than 7 villages, suitable for hiking following the falaj, that is to say, the Omani irrigation system. Wonderfull panorama .

Sur : Sur Grand Hotel

mutrah marche aux poissons

Day 8

Sur : This city a big but quiet. It is built on the seashore and extends along a wonderful logoon. In teh past it wa renovated for the naval construction. This traditional industry is declining but there is still one factory which produces wondeful traditional arabic dhows. We stop for a visit. We then walk up to a watch tower from which we have the best view over the city.

SinkHole : Huge natural cavity filled with pure crystal clear green and blue water and surrounded by rock formations and green palm trees.

Wadi Al Arabiyeen : The wadi is carved by a huge furrow on the eastern slope of Hajar mountain.

Wadi Dayqah : One of Oman's great attractions is a huge dam in the Wadi Dayqah valley..

Ryiam Hotel : It depends on the return flight.