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Geology in Eastern Hajar

4 Days

A great trip to discover all main elements of the of Oman's geology. We see layered Gabbros and pillow lava form the ophiolitic complex, autocton rocks, transgressive rocks, Hawasina scales, etc...

  • Environment:

    Mountain, wadi, sea, desert

  • Activity:

    Aquatic hike, ride, swim

  • Accommodation:

    Camping, hotel

  • Hiking:

    Info level

Day 1

- Transfer Muscat - Wadi Dima (Ibra Road) (2 h - 170 Km)
- Transfer Wadi Dima (Ibra Road) - Ghubrat At Tam (1 h 30 - 90 Km)

Stops on Oman's Ophiolites in Wadi Dima (1 h). Wadi Dima runs across ophilitic rocks : the rocks from te oceanic crust and the mantel. We first cross the upper layers mainly made of gabbros. We then stop to have a look at special gabbros : the layered gabbros that cristalized in a magmatic chamber near the mantel. We'll then drive across the mantel rocks, mainly harzburgite. We will then have driven across the Moho, although it is not clearly visible in this wadi.

Short hike in Wadi Dayqah (3 h). This wadi cuts the whole Oriental Hajar Plateau. It was an ancient way to cross the mountain known as the 'Devil's Gap'. Water is flowing here all year round. We walk up the wadi (we cross the river several times ; don't forget shoes to walk in the water) and we swim where the canyon narrows.

- Level 1
- Walking time : 1 to 2 h

Bivouac at Wadi Dayqah's Entrance. We set up our camp near a huge waterpool, at the entrance of Wadi Dayqah… a wonderful place for camping! Individual camping tent.

JDay 2

- Transfer Ghubrat At Tam - Fins (7 h - 150 Km)
- We drive off-road for a wonderful crossing of the eastern Hajar. We first drive across the low colourful hills and then start climbing up the plateau. Once we arrive up there, we have a rest under the shade of a big tree and enjoy a barbecue. Next stop is few kilometers later to see amazing tombs built in 2000 B.C. We cross the whole plateau and stop near Majilis Al Jins, 2nd biggest cavity in the world. Finally we start driving down to the sea on a very steep road offering stunning views.

Geological stops across the Eastern Hajar (2 h). This crossing is rich in geological interest. First, at the feet of the plateau, we'll find pillow-lavas and indigenoussediments covered by transgressive limestone.Then, climbing up the plateau we'll have intersting views that will help us understand how the Omani mountain range was formed and then covered in its eastern part by more recent limestone that we call 'transgressive'. On the plateau, we'll stop to look for fossils, above all numulites. As we'll go down to the seaside we'll see the numerous terraces pointing out the steps of the second surrection of the mountain range.

Swimming in Fins (1 hour ). The coast here is rocky : some small plateau overlook the sea. At the foot of these, we find wonderful white sandy beaches.

Bivouac on the beach. We set up our camp on one of the numerous beaches around Fins and Tiwi. We sleep hearing the sound of the waves. Individual camping tent.

tortue oman

Day 3

- Transfer Fins - Tiwi (12 min - 25 Km)
- Transfer Tiwi - Saymah (Wadi Tiwi) (45 min - 25 Km)

Observation of serpentine outcrops (3 h). On the way we'll see several outcrops of ophiolites and in some places are very beautiful serpentine.

- Level 1
- Walking time : 1 to 2 h
- Height difference : +50m/-50m

- Transfer Saymah (Wadi Tiwi) - Tiwi (45 min - 15 Km)
- Transfer Tiwi - Ras Al Jinz (1 h 45 - 130 Km)

Stop to see hawasina wall (1 h). The layers are thin, red and white, and very folded. They are very easily distinguishable. It is a wonderful place to study fold types.

Nighttime turtle watching (2 h). The coast here is declared Natural Reserve to protect the numerous green turtles which lay eggs there. The visits are well organized and gathered on only 2 beaches ; the other ones are forbidden in order not to disturb the turtles. The high season for turtles is in summer : in that time we can find up to 50 turtles laying eggs at the same time on the same beach. But they come all year long and you are almost sure that you will see some. You'll see turtles digging holes, laying eggs, covering eggs, and going back to the sea. You'll also see baby turtles getting out of the sand and heading to the sea.

Overnight in the Turtle Beach Resort. This resort is pleasant with a small beach with deckchairs. The bar and the restaurant are located in an old Arabic dhow. You can also play snooker. The small bungalows are of traditional style : covered with palm stems. Turtle Room. Simple room with fan only (no A/C) and shared bathroom. Bathrooms are plenty enough and well and regularly cleaned.. Breakfast and dinner at the hotel.


Day 4

- Transfer Ras Al Had - Tiwi (1 h 30 - 100 Km)

Wadi Shab (3 h). We start from the sea and hike in the wadi. After 45 minutes or 1 hour walk in this beautiful wadi we'll go to into the water : we swim from pool to pool to discover this incredible place. But we don't tell you more about this since it has to be a surprise!

- Level 1
- Walking time : 1 à 2 h

- Transfer Tiwi - Dibab (30 mm - 60 Km)
- Transfer Dibab - As Suwaih (Wadi Al Arbeyeen) (45 min - 30 Km)

Swimming in Wadi Al Arbeyeen (1 h 30). A the end of the hike we discover a wonderful pool and a waterfall. They are located at the foot of the village of As Suwayh and its palm garden. The surroundings are fabulous and swimming here is very pleasant. For those who like jumping into the water, a 5 meter jump is possible here.

Observation of indigenous and transgressive sediments (1 h). This wadi offers us very clear examples of the transgressive limestone that covers already folded indigenous sediments.

- Transfer As Suwaih (Wadi Al Arbeyeen) - Dibab (45 min - 30 Km)
- Transfer Dibab - Muttrah (1 h 30 - 130 Km)