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Great crossing of Oman

15 Jours

An easy but adventurous tour to cross Oman from north to south : from the lush green Wadis to Empty Quarter's giant dunes, from Eastern Hajar's arid mountains to the ones of Dhofar blessed with monsoon rains, and more than 1000km wild coast!

  • Landscape:

    Wadi, desert, mountain, sea

  • Activities:

    Hiking, culture, easy walking, swimming

  • Overstay:

    Camping, hôtel

  • Hiking:

    Info level

Day 1

- Transfer Muttrah - Tiwi (1 h 45 - 160 Km)

Walk and unforgettable swim in Wadi Shab (3 h). We start from the sea and start hiking in the wadi. After 45 minutes or 1-hour walk in this beautiful wadi we'll go into the water : we swim from pool to pool to discover this incredible place. But we don't tell you more about this, since it has to be a surprise!

- Niveau 1
- Walking time : 1 to 2 hours

Bivouac on the beach. We set up our camp on one of the numerous beaches around Fins and Tiwi. We sleep hearing the sound of the waves. Individual camping tent.


Day 2

- Transfer Tiwi - Saymah (Wadi Tiwi) (45 min - 25 Km)

Short hike and swimming in Wadi Tiwi (3 h). We start from a village called Saymah. We walk on an old donkey path a little up the wadi. The views are splendid. The palm trees are so dense in this wadi that they look like a green river. As we arrive at another village, we go down and walk at the bottom of the wadi, on the falaj canal, along the river or between the boulders, We finally arrive at a nice pool surrounded by cliffs and palm trees. We enjoy a swim there and have a rest and go back the same way.

- Niveau 2
- Walking time : 1 to 2 hours
- Height difference : +100m/-100m

- Transfer Saymah (Wadi Tiwi) - Tiwi (45 min - 15 Km)
- Transfer Tiwi - Sur (45 min - 80 Km)

Visit of the city of Sur (2 h). Sur is a big but quiet city. It is built on the seashore and extends along a wonderful lagoon. In the past it was famous for the naval construction. This traditional industry is declining but there is still one factory which produces wonderful traditional Arabic dhows. We stop for a visit. We then walk up to a watch tower from which we have the best view over the entire city.

Hotel Sur. Small and very simple hotel located in the city center of Sur. It is near the souk and not far from the beach which is a lively place at evening. Standard Room


Day 3

- Transfer Sur - Bidah (2 h - 150 Km)

Hiking and swimming in the lower part of Wadi Bani Khalid (3 h). The lower part of this valley forms a narrow and wild canyon. We start from the lovely village of Bidah and cross its palm garden to access the entrance of the canyon. We hike in the canyon between big boulders (the way is not very easy but doesn't last long) until we arrive at a splendid pool with waterfall. We take a rest here and enjoy swimming in this secluded place. For those who like jumping, a very nice 10 meters jump is possible there.

- Level 2
- Walking time : 1 to 2 hours

- Transfer Bidah - Bidiyah (1 h - 50 Km)
- Transfer Bidiyah - our camp in Wahiba Sands (30 min - 20 Km)

Sunset in the dunes (1 h). We start a walk across the dunes later in the afternoon. The heat isn't too strong anymore and the sunlight is the most beautiful. The setting sun turns the sand into different colours and shades. This a great unforgettable time.

Safari Desert Camp. very nice camp which is situated in the middle of the sand dunes, in a quiet and wild area. There is no electricity, which makes this camp more authentic. Tea, coffee, water and soft drinks are complimentary. There are also some nice lounges where you can relax and smoke sheesha. Arabic Tent with private bathroom. Arabic tents nicely turned into hotel rooms : bed, carpets, table, chairs. Private bathroom.. Breakfast and dinner at the hotel.

white desert

Day 4

- Transfer our camp in Wahiba Sands - Qihayd (village at the foot of the dunes and on seashore) (4 h - 170 Km)
- It's a wonderful crossing of the Wahiba sands.The track is often easy to follow but the wind brings sometimes sand that covers it. We head first to the south and then south-east. The northern part of this desert is made of almost paralel high dunes.
- Transfer Qihayd (village at the foot of the dunes and on seashore) - Khaluf's Desert, between rocks and sand ( 3 h - 250 Km)

Sunset between White desert and rocky hills (2 h). We walk up a small plateau next to our camp. On the one side we perceive the white desert which we will cross the day after. On the other side, the sun sets on rocky hills.

- Level 1
- Walking time : 1 to 2 hours

Bivouac desert. We set up our camp in the sand, in an 'acacia forest'. Around us are some rocky hills and sand dunes. Individual camping tent.

white desert

Day 5

- Transfer Khaluf's Desert, between rocks and sand - Khaluf (1 h - 60 Km)

Day to Discover the White Desert (7 h). We spend a nice relaxing day on the beach bewteen the indian ocean and the white sand dunes : swimming in the Indian Ocean, walk along the beach to see birds, and unbelievable walk across the white sand dunes.

- Level 3
- Walking time : 2 to 4 hours

Bivouac in the White desert, next to the sea. We set up our camp in the first dunes of the White Desert, at about 50 meters from the sea. This place is magical and unusual : on one side we have pure white dunes, whereas on the other side we have the Indian Ocean. Individual camping tent .


Day 6

- Transfer Khaluf - Madrakah (3 h - 250 Km)
- Transfer Khaluf - Madrakah (3 h - 250 Km)

Short hike toward Ras Madrakah (4 h). We start walking along the coast to reach the wild cape of Ras Madrakah. We first walk down a wonderful bowl along white limestone cliffs. We then walk on the beach (we can here have a nice swim in the Indian Ocean) until we reach small plateaux where we can camp.

- Level 2
- Walking time : 2 to 3 hours
- Height difference : +0m/-200m

Bivouac on the beach near Ras Madrakah. We set up our camp on this wild coast, on a sandy white beach, surrounded by black rocks et bordered by the Indian Ocean. Individual camping tent.


Day 7

Walk to the cape (2 h ). We start our walk on the beach. The rocks change quickly : we leave the white limestone and enter the ophiolites, the rocks of the oceanic crust that are only visible in such quantity in Oman. They take a black polish and are sharply erroded. Between these back hills, the white sandy beaches bring a wonderful contrast.

- Level 2
- Walking time : 1 to 2 hours
- Height difference : +50m/-50m

- Transfer Madrakah - Shuwaymiyah (4 h - 370 Km)

Short walk above Shuwaymiyah (1 h). We have a walk on the cliffs overlooking the wide bay of Shuwaymiyah.

- Level 2
- Walking time : 1 h

Bivouac on the beach. We set up our camp on the wonderfull beach of Shuwimiyah. Individual camping tent.


Day 8

- Transfer Shuwaymiyah - Mirbat (4 h - 200 Km)

Bivouac on the beach between Hasi and Mirbat. Individual camping tent