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Nature & culture

10 days

In a magnificent natural setting, made of landscapes of great diversity, Oman is rich in historical heritage. A circuit to the change of scenery guaranteed.

  • Environnement:

    Mountain, wadi, sea, desert

  • Activities:

    Cultural tour, hiking, swimming

  • Overstay:

    Hotel, Guest-house

  • Difficulty:

    Endurance level

Day 1

Mascate : Muttrah Fish and Vegetable Market.

Tour by boat to see the dolphins.

Bait Zubair : Visit the Bait Zubair Museum dedicated to the culture and history of Oman. Galerie Bait Muzna: former princely residence where we will see a collection of contemporary art. Stop in front ofthe Sultan's Palace.

Market of Muttrah : Located in the heart of the traditional district of Muscat and near the corniche, Muttrah souk is the oldest and best known souks of the Sultanate of Oman.

Hiking between Ryam park and Muttrah via the mountain.

Ryiam Hôtel. Located right at the entrance to Muttrah City, it offers a sophisticated mix of contemporary Arabic style, contemporary comfort and services.

Day 2

Muscat : Visit the Grand Mosque of Sultan Qaboos

Nakhl Fort and the hot spring.

Wadi Beni Awf : In the heart of the Western Hajar, Wadi Bani Awf is crossed by one of the most beautiful roads on the planet. It offers spectacular landscapes. Impassable in rainy weather. An adventure film setting and we cross ravines and other sublime precipices. Snake canyon hike.

Shelter of Bimah : A nice and friendly place in the heart of the Wadi Bani Awf, just steps from the Snake Canyon In a natural and peaceful environment, you will find in the garden many places that invite to relax after a day of hiking. Refuge with bunk beds and air conditioning.

Day 3

Balad Sit : Hike. The old perch village on a rock dominates the palm grove and various cultures in terrace.

Birkak al Sharaf : Panorama on the Jebel Hajar mountain range.

Misfah al Abriyeen : One of the most beautiful villages of Oman which has a very large palm grove hung on the side of the canyon. Hiking 2 hours in the shade of palm trees, papayas, and other banana trees.

Al hamra Guest house

Day 4

- Transfer Wadi Ghul - Jebel Shams

Balvony walk : On the way to Jebel Shams. Hiking (1 / 2h) on a balcony path with spectacular views of the Grand Canyon. Hiking in the palmeraie.Possibility to hike to an abandoned troglodyte village for fifteen years, located on the cliffside at about 1800m altitude.

Al Hamra : Visit of Bait As Safah. We enter here into a traditional Omani house, located in the heart of the old town of Al Hamra. Women welcome us and show us how they make coffee, bread, flour, and various oils and ointments made from plants gathered in the mountains. .

Jabreen castle.

Nizwa : Al DIYAR hotel.

Day 5

Nizwa Fort : Nizwa Fort has recently been restored. It includes a defensive part (the citadel) and a part of house (for the Imam and schoolchildren). From the top of the citadel, there is a magnificent view of Nizwa and its palm grove, the largest in the country. The basement of the fort was occupied by the jail. The cells have been converted into small museum rooms on the local culture; very good museum, small, but very educational.

Nizwa Souk : It is an important center: a large city at the foot of the southern mountains, it has long been the capital of Oman and Imamat headquarters. It is a city full of tradition, pleasant to visit. Its fort and market were renovated in the traditional style in 1996. Its Friday cattle market attracts many visitors, from the mountain Chawis to the Bedouins of the desert and the interior plains.

Birkat Al Mauz : Fortified village built in stairs on a hillside in a huge palm grove.

Sinaw. Mahut hôtel

Days 6

- Transfert Mahut - Al Khaluf

Khaluf : The village of Khaluf is a picturesque village of Bedouins fishermen: atmosphere of end of the world where 4x4 pull the boats returning from fishing.

White Desert : Hike in the white desert. We walk through the maze of dunes. Pinic and barbecue at the beach. Swin.

Mahut hôtel.

Day 7

- Transfer Mahut - Ras al Ruways

Ras al Ruways : Walk in the white desert (2h). We cross then the wahiba sands desert (5h) towards until our camp site.

Safari camp. Sunset in the dunes. We start a walk across the dunes later in the afternoon. The heat isn't too strong anymore and the sunlight is the most beautiful. The setting sun turns the sand into different colours ans shades. This a great unforgettable time.

Day 8

- Transfer Safari camp - Bidiyah

Wadi Bani khalid : Hike and swim in the lower part of Wadi Bani Khalid (2/3h) Wadi Bani Khalid Oman is one of the most famous wadi in the Sultanate: with large pools with emerald waters, a narrow gorge littered with huge white rocks. At Sur, opportunity to observe during the night, the turtles on the beach in Ras Al Hadd. Ras al-Jinz Beach is a natural wonder of Oman. Beyond being one of the most beautiful beaches of Oman, it is also a major nesting site for green turtles.

TURTLE OPTION : Night turtle observation (2 h). The coast here is classified as a nature reserve to protect the green turtles that come to lay in number. The visits are framed and grouped on 2 beaches, the others being prohibited at night to leave the turtles calm. The seasonal peak for laying is summer, during which time up to 50 turtles can be found on a single beach, but throughout the year you are almost guaranteed to see at least one or two turtles. You will see a turtle dig its hole, drop the eggs, close the hole, return to the sea, as well as the baby turtles who, just out of the egg, reach the sea.

Sur Grand Hotel.

Day 9

Wadi Shaab : It is a beautiful oasis. Nestled between the cliffs, the turquoise waters of the river flow between the ocher rock. Just arrived, we embark on a small motorboat that leads across the opposite bank. We continue on foot along the cliffs overlooking the river bed that we cross in places. Hiking and swimming on the program (2/3h)

Wadi Tiwi : We leave from the village of Saymah. We cross it, then follow a path over the palm to reach another village. We have magnificent views of the valley and its palm groves that follow one another and look, by far, a green river.

Sur Grand Hôtel.

Day 10

Sur : Tour of the city, important but living at a leisurely pace. It is built by the sea and extends along a beautiful lagoon. Historically famous for the manufacture of the Arab dhows, the city keeps a shipyard that we visit. We then climb to a fording tower from where we enjoy the most beautiful view of the city.

SinkHole : Huge natural cavity filled with pure green and blue crystalline water and surrounded by rock formations and green palm trees.

Wadi Al Arabiyeen : The wadi is dug by a huge furrow on the eastern slope of Hajar Mountain. Swin.

Wadi Dayqah : One of the great attractions of Oman is a huge dam in the Wadi Dayqah Valley. Retour vers Mascate

Ryiam Hôtel.