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Nizwa & Jebel Shams

1 day

Explore some of Oman's history and culture with Nizwa which was the capital of Oman 500 years ago. Discover Jebel Shams (The Grand Canyon of Oman), offering an existing off-road experience and fantastic views..

Day 1

Nizwa fort : The fort of Nizwa was renoved recently. It has a defensive part (the so called citadelle) and a housing part (which was designed by the Imam and scholars). From the top of the citadelle we have stunning views over Nizwa and its palm-lined, the largest of the country. The under-floor of the fort was occupied by prison cells. These have been done up as a museum about local culture. The museum is small but very well done. It is worth a visit!
Nizwa souk : Nizwa is a major city of Oman located at the foot of the mountains in the interior of the country. In the past it was the capital of Oman and it remains the cultural center for mountain people. The souk was renovated some 15 years ago. Friday is the market day, called 'Souk Al Jumaa', and brings visitors from the nearby mountains as well as Beduins from the desert side. The livestock souq is particularly worth a visit.

Jebel Shams , which means " mountain of the sun" because it is the highest mountain in Oman which offers an existing off-road experience and a fantastic panorama.

Jabreen castle : It was built in the 17th century, 150 km from Muscat, and renovated in the 1980s. Its interior stands out, a true masterpiece of Omani architecture, surrounded by date palms.