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I am a guide in Oman for many years. As comfortable in the wadis as in the desert or the mountains. I can make you discover splendid landscapes, but also show you how the inhabitants live, their cultures, their traditions and of course the history of this magnificent country. I organize itineraries for individual travelers but also for families and groups. Other guides support me if necessary.

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I grew up in the region of the Arabian Peninsula and I am familiar with the different countries bordering the Oman Sultanate.

I worked with many European travel agencies. I have a good overview of European culture. I speak Arabic and fluent English and French and a little German.

I am now settled in Oman and offer(s you) my services and my experience to make you have a wonderful stay. I propose many routes on this site but I remain at your disposal to adapt it to your desires.

If you are interested in discovering the Sultanate of Oman, I am very happy to show you this beautiful country and the great diversity of its landscapes. You will have the opportunity to meet the warm Omani people and open yourself to its ancestral traditions. You will get to know and (better) understand the culture and history of this beautiful country in the Middle East.

Moreover if you wish to contact me, you can join my correspondents in France, Nick who will be happy to share his experience of the Sultanate of Oman with you and help you in the realization of your stay. I am in regular contact with him. Can not always respond quickly, I entrusted to him the management of the requests of the site.