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Sea, wadis, turtles and desert

5 Days

An easy going trip to discover Sharqiyah region, which is full of surprises : coral reef, wadis with turquoise water pools, green turtles and Wahiba's Sands Desert.

  • Landscape:

    Wadi, sea, desert

  • Activities:

    Swimming, easy walking, boat tour, snorkelling, culture

  • Overstay:

    Camping, hotel, mountain hut, etc...

  • Hiking:

    Info level

Day 1

Muttrah fish and vegetables souk (1 h). It is a very lively and typical place that is worth a visit. We only rarely see such a choice of fish : many species of breams and groupers, tuna, swordfish, kingfish, sharks, squids, crabs, shrimps, and even parrot fish and other multicolor fishes. Next to the fish market is the vegetable market where you'll find fruits,vegetables, dates, honey, thyme, etc.

Stop in front of the Sultan's Palace (30 min). The palace is not the residence of the Sultan. It is only used for offical meetings. We cannot visit it, but seeing it from outside is already impressive. It was built on the seashore between the 2 Portuguese forts (Al Jalali and Al Mirani).

- TTransfer Muscat - Al Khiran (45 min - 50 Km)

Boat tour and snorkelling in Khiran (4 h). We start from the tiny port of Khiran. We go on a fisherboat and have a trip in this wonderful bay that looks like a 'little Musandam'. We then stop at a wonderful cove and have a rest. We can swim and if you bring snorkel gear, you'll get to see unblievable marine life : surgeon, tiger, angel, butterfly fish, and even sometimes green turtles… It is one of the best places for snorkelling near Muscat! ATTENTION : When the sea is rough, this cove is not reachable by boat ; we go to another one which is also nice and suitable for snorkelling, but the seabed is not so rich..

Bivouac on a white sandy beach in Bandar Khiran. We set up our camp in a lovely seculded cove, that you can only reach by boat or by foot. A fisherman brings us all the equipment and luggage by boat. Before sunset, we can go fishing. It is a wondeful camping spot! Individual camping tent.

wadi shab

JDay 2

Return to Khiran by boat (30 min).We return from Khiran by boat. We navigate across the bay and discover its mangrove sea birds and many secluded coves..

- Transfer Al Khiran - Tiwi (3 h - 250 Km)

Walk and unforgettable swim in Wadi Shab (3 h). We start from the sea and hike into the wadi. After 45 minutes or 1 hour walk in this beautiful wadi we'll go into the water : we swim from pool to pool to discover this incredible place. But we don't tell you more about this, since it has to be a surprise!

- Level 1
- Walking time : 1 to 2 h

- Transfer Tiwi - Fins (20 min - 20 Km)

Bivouac on the beach.We set up our camp on one of the numerous beaches around Fins and Tiwi. We sleep hearing the sound of the waves. Individual camping tent.

wadi tiwi

Day 3

- Transfer Fins - Tiwi (12 min - 25 Km)
- Transfer Tiwi - Saymah (Wadi Tiwi) (45 min - 25 Km)

Full Day in Wadi Tiwi (6 h). We start from a village called Saymah. We walk on an old donkey path a little up the wadi. The views are splendid. The palm trees are so dense in this wadi that they look like a green river.As we arrive to a village, we go down and walk at the bottom of the wadi, on the falaj canal, along the river or between the boulders, We finally arrive at a nice pool surrounded by cliffs and palm trees. We enjoy a swim there and have a rest. We make a barbecue for lunch (, ) and enjoy relaxing and swimming in this lovely place.We come back the same way and stop en route to have a last bath.

- Level 2
- Walking time : 2 to 4 h
- Height difference : +100m/-100m

- Transfer Saymah (Wadi Tiwi) - Tiwi (45 min - 15 Km)
- Transfer Tiwi - Ras Al Had (1 h 45 - 130 Km)

Nighttime turtle watching (2 h). The coast here is declared Natural Reserve to protect the numerous green turtles which lay eggs there. The visits are well organized and take place on only 2 beaches ; the other ones are forbidden in order to not disturb the turtles too much. The high season for turtles is in summer : in that time we can find up to 50 turtles laying eggs at the same time on the same beach. But they come all year long and you are almost sure that you will see some. You'll see turtles digging holes, laying eggs, covering eggs, and going back to the sea. You'll also see baby turtles getting out of the sand and heading to the sea.

Overnight in the Turtle Beach Resort. This resort is pleasant with a small beach with deckchairs. The bar and the restaurant are located in an old Arabic dhow. You can also play snooker. The small bungaows are of traditional style : covered with palm stems. Turtle Room. Simple room with fan only (no A/C) and shared bathroom. Bathrooms are plenty enough and well and regularly cleaned.. Breakfast and dinner at the hotel.

boutre sur

Day 4

- Transfer Ras Al Had - Sur (1 h - 50 Km)

Visit of the city of Sur (2 h). Sur is a big yet quiet city. It is built on the seashore and extends along a wonderful lagoon. In the past it was famous for the naval construction. This traditional industry is declining but there is still one factory which produces wonderful traditional Arabic dhows. We stop for a visit. We then walk up to a watch tower from which we have the best view over the entire city.

- Transfer Sur - Bidiyah (1 h 20 - 120 Km)
- Transfer Bidiyah - our camp in Wahiba Sands (30 min - 20 Km)

Sunset in the dunes (1 h). Sunset in the dunes (1 h). We start a walk across the dunes in the late afternoon. The heat isn't too strong anymore and the sunlight is the most beautiful. The setting sun always turns the sand and the shades into different colours. This a great unforgettable moment.

Safari Desert Camp. A very nice camp which is located in the middle of the sand dunes, in a quiet and wild area. There is no electricity, which makes this camp more authentic. Tea, coffee, water and soft drinks are complimentary. There are also some nice lounges where you can relax and smoke sheesha. Arabic Tent with private bathroom. Arabic tent nicely equiped as an hotel room : bed, carpets, table, chairs. Private bathroom.. Breakfast and dinner at the hotel.

wadi bani khalid

Day 5

- Transfer our camp in Wahiba Sands - Bidiyah (30 min - 30 Km)
- Transfer Bidiyah - Bidah (1 h- 50 Km)

Hiking and swimming in the lower part of Wadi Bani Khalid (3 h). The lower part of this valley forms a narrow and wild canyon. We start from the lovely village of Bidah and cross its palm garden to access the entrance of the canyon. We hike in the canyon between big boulders(the way is not very easy but doesn't last long) until we arrive at a splendid pool with a waterfall. We have a rest here and enjoy (the) swimming in this secluded place. For those who like jumping, a very nice 10- meter jump is possible there.

- Level 2
- Walking time : 1 to 2 hours

- Transfer Bidah - Muttrah (3 h 30 - 300 Km)