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Trekking and canyoning in Western Hajar

4 Days

A beatifull and varied itinerary which takes you from Wadi Bani Awf to Wadi Mistal going through Jebel Akhdar. Short car transfers allow us to go for the most beautifull hikes of the area.

  • Landscape:

    Mountain, wadi

  • Activities:

    Hiking, canyoning

  • Overstay:

    Camping, hotel, mountain hut, etc...

  • Hiking:

    Info level

Day 1

- Transfer Muttrah - Al Awabi (2 h - 200 Km)
- Transfer Al Awabi - Balad Sit (1 h - 40 Km)
- We drive in Wadi Bani Awf. We first cross villages and green palm gardens. We then drive over Wadi Zamah, also known as the Snake Canyon : it is a very narrow and deep canyon. An unforgettable drive.

Canyoning in the upper Snake Canyon (5 h). The Snake Canyon is a very narrow canyon located in Wadi Bani Awf. In some parts of the canyon, you can touch both sides at the same time… We'll start from the secondary entrance. No abseiling is required. You'll just have fun by jumping (max 4 meters), sliding, walking in the water and swimming short distances! For thoses who don't want to jump we install short abseils.

- Level 3

- Transfer Zamah - Bimah (15 min - 5 Km)

Mountain hut Bimah. A very nice and pleasant place to stay, located in the heart of Wadi Bani Awf, only a few steps from the Snake Canyon and a 5-minute drive (or 5-hour hike) from Balad Sit. It's a rustic but beautiful mountain hut with 4 dormitories (4 to 10 persons on bunkbeds), 2 private rooms, and 3 bathrooms with hot shower. Located in a natural and peacful environment, In the garden you'll find many places to relax after hiking... Dormitory. Dormitories from 4 to 10 persons with bunkbeds and A/C. Breakfast and dinner at the hotel.


JDay 2

- Transfer Bimah - Sharaf Al Alamain (1 h - 30 Km)
- This drive off-road let us climb some 1000 meters within a distance of less than 10 km. It provides us with stunning views over Wadi Bani Awf.

Hike Balad Sit - Birkat Al Shraf (7 h). It is a wonderful walk. We start from the main valley and walk up a very narrow gorge, at the end of which we discover the wonderful village of Balad Sit (which means the hidden village). We cross the village and start the steep climb up the cliff on an old path that has been equipped with steps a long time ago. 900 meters above the village, we arrive at a small pass where we have lunch. We then follow the ridge on the southern flank : it is a hilly terrain and we have splendid views on both sides. We finally arrive at Sharaf Al Alamain.

- Level 4
- Walking time : 4 to 6 h
- Height difference : +1300m/-250m

- Transfer Sharaf Al Alamain - Qiyut (1 h- 40 Km)

Camping near Qiyut. We camp in the mountains at an altitude of about 2200 meters. This is a nice quiet place with great views over the valley of Nizwa and Tanuf. Individual camping tent.


Day 3

Hke from Qiyut to Ar rus (7 h). We start from Qiyut at about 2400 meters. We follow the ridge having stunning views over Wadi Al Hijir and Wadi Bani Awf. We then cross several flat areas planted with giant juniper trees and wild olive trees. We finally walk up to a small pass from which we see Arrus, our arrival point.

- Level 3
- Walking time : 5 to 7 h
- Height difference : +700m/-900m

- Transfer Ar Rus - Juniper Plateau (30 min - 20 Km)

Bivouac on Juniper Plateau. Great place for a bivouac! We are at 2400m altitude in the center of the Jebel Akhdhar. On a hilly plateau, we camp surrounded by giant juniper and wild olive tree. Individual camping tent.


Day 4

- Transfer Juniper Plateau - Al Manakhr (45 mm - 35 Km)

Hike from Jebel Akhdar to Wadi Mistal (6 h). We start from the beautiful village of Al Manakhr located on Jebel Akhdar. We walk up to Wakan Pass and from there we have a stunning view over Wadi Mistal (also known as Gubrah Bowl). We walk down (always having great views) to the village of Wakan, where we enjoy the green terraces mainy planted with apricots and peaches

- Level 4
- Walking time : 4 to 5 h
- Height difference : +250m/-900m

- Transfer Wakan - Nakhl (0 h 50 - 50 Km) / Transfer Nakhl - Muttrah (1 h 30 - 120 Km)