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Aquatic hike

3 Days

The Wadis of Oman: the most beautiful natural treasures of the sultanate. Nestled in deep canyons and embellished with lush palm groves and natural turquoise pools, this is an opportunity to dive into local life while admiring breathtaking landscapes.

  • Landscape:


  • Activities:

    Canyoning & aquatic hiking, easy walking, swimming

  • Overstay:

    Camping, hotel

  • Hiking:

    Info level

Day 1

- Transfer Muttrah - Dibab (1 h 30 - 120 Km)
- Transfer Dibab - As Suwaih (Wadi Al Arbeyeen) (0 hour 45 - 30 Km)

Aquatic hiking in Wadi A Hail (7 h). We start in the village of As Suwaih. Aready at the end of the track is a wonderful pool and a small waterfall. From the cliff a 5-meter jump is possible. We then start the hike. Quickly we find flowing water and walk across large boulders. The canyon then narrows and we have to swim across several pools (it is possible to jump there also). The valley widens a little and narrows again. We swim again and arrive to the end of the canyon : a high waterfall, large pool, and huge boulders…We return the the same way.

Wadi Shab : We leave the waterfront on foot and enter the Wadi Shab. After 45 minutes or an hour of walking in this splendid valley, we take to the water. We swim from sink to sink to discover a beautiful place. But we do not tell you more, because it's a surprise!

- Level 1

Bivouac on the beach. We set up our camp on this beach. We sleep hearing the sound of the waves. Individual camping tent.

Day 2

Wadi Tiwi, walk and swim.. We leave from the village of Saymah. We cross it, then follow a path above the palm to reach another village. We have magnificent views of the valley and its palm groves that follow one another and look, by far, a green river. We then descend to the bottom of the valley and walk between the blocks, along the river or on the falaj. We finally arrive at a beautiful basin, surrounded by cliffs and palm trees. We swim and enjoy a barbecue in this magical place. The bathing is unforgettable ... We return by the same road and we stop on the way to a new bath before finding the cars.

- Level 1
- Walking time : 1 to 2 h

- Transfer Wadi Tiwi - Sur (40 mn - 80 Km)
- Transfer Sur - Badiya 1h mn - 120 Km)

Nuit au Safari camp..

Wadi Tiwi

Day 3

Canyonning Wadi beni Khalid. An easy water ride in one of the most beautiful wadis in Oman. We leave the village of Bidah. We cross its lush palm grove to reach the entrance to the canyon. We then walk between the blocks to get to 2 beautiful basques and waterfalls where you can jump ten meters.

- level 1
- Walking time : 1 to 3 h

- Transfert Mascate 2h - 130 km