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Wadis & desert

4 Days

From Nizwa, and through the white desert, we take you to a wonderful and still unspoiled desert. To refresh, you will swim in the turqouise water wadis.

  • Landscape:

    Desert, Wadis

  • Activities:

    Hiking, easy walking, swimming

  • Overstay:

    Camping, Hotel

  • Hiking:

    Info level

Day 1

- Transfer Nizwa (310 Km) or Mascate (450 Km)- White Desert

Walk in the white desert (2 h). We walk on the colorful dunes.

- level 1
- Walking time : 1 à 2 h
- Height difference : +300m/-300m

Bivouac. We set up our camp in this magical place, in the middle of the dunes. Individual tent.

white desert

Day 2

Walk in the village of Khaluf (1 h). The village of Khaluf is a picturesque village of Bedouin fishermen: atmosphere of the end of the world where rusty 4x4 covered with seaweed pull the boats coming back from fishing.

- level 1

Ras al Ruways. We cross the white desert /Wahiba Sand desert to our camp.

Safari Camp. Bivouac in the desert

white desert

Day 3

Walking and swimming in the lower part of Wadi Bani Khalid(3 h). The lower part of this valley forms a very wild canyon. We leave the pretty village of Bidah and cross the palm grove towards the canyon. We then walk in the canyon between the blocks (the path is not especially easy, but does not last very long) to arrive at a sumptuous basin with a waterfall and the possibility of jumping

- level 1

OPTION : Night turtle observation (2 h). The coast here is classified as a nature reserve to protect the green turtles that come to lay.

Grand Sur Hotel. Hotel very comfortable with services.

white desert

Day 4

Sur. Sur is a big but quiet city. It is built on the seashore and extends along a wonderful logoon. In teh past it wa renovated for the naval construction. This traditional industry is declining but there is still one factory which produces wondeful traditional arabic dhows. We stop for a visit. We then walk up to a watch tower from which we have the best view over the city.

Wadi Shab. We start from the sea and start hiking into the wadi. After 45 minutes to 1 hour walk in this beautiful wadi we'll go into the water : we swim from pool to pool to discover this incredible place.

Sink Hole

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